Scott Rocklage of 5AM Ventures

As the managing partner of 5AM Ventures, Dr. Scott Rocklage can be called “an innovator.” Just the title of his business attests to this point. When asked about this name, Scott informed his interviewer that his business is a venture capital firm that becomes involved with companies that are in their earliest stages. In order to acknowledge those early beginnings, he thought it would be a good idea to call his company “5AM Ventures.”

His day to day activities do not follow any particular pattern. Some days, he spends his time looking for the new things that life science can offer the world. Other days, he is needed to contribute to the management of the company. He also needs to take time to prepare for and attend the company’s board meetings and more information click here.

Scott’s time is largely spent with the scientists, executives and physicians who have ideas for new medications and treatments but need someone to help them polish these ideas, and Scott is the one to do this. He helps them develop a solution to the illnesses and medical conditions that do not currently have an adequate answer.

As a venture capitalist in the medical field, Scott is involved in many very interesting topics. For example, his company is in the process of targeting mutations and genotypes that medical professionals will be able to use to treat cancer as it has never been done before and Scott’s lacrosse camp.



Before Scott Rocklage became the managing partner of 5AM Ventures, he spent many years gaining the skills and experience needed to make his company work. He attended the University of California, Berkeley and received a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry. Afterward, he moved on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and graduated with a Ph.D. in Chemistry. Currently, more than 30 U.S. patents have Dr. Rocklage’s name on them as an inventor or co-inventor.


Scott has also spent 30 years in healthcare management and is respected for his leadership in several trials. He won approval by the FDA for three drug applications, including Omniscan, Teslascan and Cubicin and placed six drug candidates in clinical trials.


5AM Ventures

Dr. Rocklage took a turn as a Venture Partner in his company “5AM Ventures” in 2003, and in 2004, he became a Managing Partner. In 2016, he joined EPIRUS Biopharmaceuticals and was also the Acting Chief Officer for the company that year. In addition to that, he became its Director and served as such from 2014 until 2016.

Scott was named as President of Cubist Pharmaceuticals in 1994 and served in that capacity until March of 2001. He was the company’s Founding Chief Executive Officer from 1994 until 2003. Furthermore, he was the President and CEO of Nycomed Salutar beginning in 1990 and ending in 1994. From 1992 until 1994, he was also CEO, Chairman and President of Nycomed Interventional, Inc.


Dr. Rocklage was a part of the Research & Development team at Catalytica and Salutar and was Board Chairman of both Relypsa an Novira. He also served as the Director at Relypsa for 14 years. Additionally, he spent 10 years as Cubist Pharmaceuticals’ Director.

Dr. Rocklage is currently a member on several boards, including Epirus and Pulmatrix. He is Chairman of the Board for Cidara and has been with them since 2013. He became the Chairman of Novira Therapeutics, Inc. in 2012 and is a member of the board for Kinestral and Rennovia, Inc. He also served as Executive Chairman of Semprus BioSciences Corporation, Miikana and Ilyps and learn more about Scott.

Final Words of Wisdom

Dr. Rocklage advises other entrepreneurs to take risks. It is your choice if you want to work for an established company, but you will do much better for yourself if you control your own future.

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How Julie Zuckerberg Makes an Expert Executive Recruiter

Julie Zuckerberg is a talent acquisition leader and executive recruitment lead at Deutsche Bank. Her home is in the New York City at Manhattan. Julie ranks among the New York City most sought after recruiters. Julie’s legacy includes her exceptional knowledge in dealing and hiring Millennial.


Julie has a multidisciplinary training in Philosophy and Law. She began her career at Hudson where she served as candidate placement director for five years after graduation from college. Her job at Hudson included recruitment of attorneys, managers, paralegals and support staff, and other employees. Julie further offered employment guidelines, information, and details about benefits, prospective and promotion as well as the contact between management and workers during occupational related issues by exploiting her law training. As a lawyer, Julie helped Hudson with processing and resolution of professional issues within statutory compliance and framework. She further counseled workers complaints and coached them as well as assist in resolving conflicts. After her stint at Hudson, Julie shuffled across various positions in several organizations before landing at her current job at Deutsche Bank. Among these organizations include Citi Global Consumer Bank where she served as the head of the executive recruiter with the role of guiding the Bank’s administration on most effective recruitment practices. Julie further advised the Bank on compensation policies management as a competition strategy in the banking industry. Her accomplishments at Citi Global Consumer Bank includes seeing the Bank through complicated expatriation issues by addressing complex recruitment issues such as equity buyouts, immigration, relocations, and clawbacks. Julie further had a brief stint at New York Life Insurance Company after living Citi as the company’s corporate vice president in charge of talent strategy planning, client relationships, recruitment and talent strategy planning.


Julie’s role as Deutsche Bank’s Talent Acquisition Lead and Executive Recruitment Leader encompasses counseling and coaching recruitment executive teams. Julie further leads the protocol for managing director positions hiring and also heads the bank’s negotiations. Her roles further include recruitment and business management as well as client management and maintenance of best practices in the management of recruitment at Deutsche Bank. Julie Zuckerberg philosophy is that attrition reduction and recruitment of appropriate people is among the critical components for the success of business. Julie’s tenure in the Bank and Insurance industry equipped her with a wealth of talent and experience in different positions. Her competencies include team leadership, employee training, talent acquisition and management, leadership, conflict resolution and executive staffing. Besides her professional work, Julie engages in various hobbies such as running, taking photographs and honing her technology expertise. Julie is also a fun of arts and cultures. She further participates in economic empowerment advocacy as well as championing of animals rights and welfare. Julie is a regular philanthropist. She is also a champion of human right and civil right and further participates in social action. She further tries her hand in psychology. However, she’s reportedly not a great fun of social media although she has a membership at LinkedIn and Twitter.




Jose Borghi Initiates Excellent Brand Advertising through Mullen Lowe

For many entrepreneurs, starting a small business is the primary challenge. Most start-ups fail within the first five months if the foundation of the firm is not secure. That is why it is advisable for companies to invest in advertising agencies that can sell the brand to a large market niche. Advertising is a fundamental element in marketing. It is a branch that deals with communication to customers concerning products, brands, companies as well as the entire range of services offered by a firm. A good advertising agency identifies the strengths and weaknesses of a product before venturing into communicating with clients. Through the two elements, it is possible for the agency to apply successful strategies in reaching out to the customers. Such characteristics describe Mullen Lowe.


Mullen Lowe is a renowned advertising agency that has for years incorporated the strengths of a brand to make concrete communications with clients. Under the leadership of Jose Borghi, the founder, and head cheerleader, this agency is considered the best among the most influential branding agencies in the industry. Jose Borghi is prominent for creating award-winning campaigns like the Mammals of Parmalat. In this campaign, children appeared to be dressed like stuffed animals while singing jingle bells. He is also the initiator of Sazon campaign in which Zeze Di Camargo was a hit and what Jose Borghi knows.

Jose’s Career

Jose Borghi was born in PresidentePredente. The alumnus of PUC-Campinas majored in advertising. His first job was with Standart Ogilvy, an advertising agency in 1989. After amassing extensive experiences from FCB, Talent as well as Leo Burnett, he settled for founding his agency through a partnership with Erh Ray. The agency was called BorghiErh. Throughout his career advancement, Jose had no investor or godfather to look up to. His agency has successfully grown into a domestic and international service provider and more information click here.

What Makes Success Academy A Success

What does it take to make a school a success? If the answer is high scores on English and math proficiency tests, then Success Academy is truly a success. With ratings of 64 percent in English and 94 percent in math, the students (referred to as scholars at Success Academy) outranked all other students testing. Started in 2006, Success Academy now has 32 schools and will open 13 more within next two years, serving grades K through 12.


The how is amazingly simple. There is discipline. The scholars wear uniforms at Success Academy and there is a longer school year, both in terms of months, and hours, per day. The bar is held high regarding expectations of the scholars. The teachers routinely put in longer than an eight hour day and parents are expected and encouraged to be actively involved in their child’s education.


They created their own program for English Language Arts, THINK Literacy, consisting of Reading Workshop, Guided Reading, Read Aloud and Shared Text. Scholars spend two hours per day on any combination of these four sections. Great literature is presented throughout THINK Literacy with in depth discussion of ideas and nurturing of critical thinking skills.


Success Academy also developed its own math program which is closely aligned with Common Core guidelines for the state, as is the ELA program. It encourages students to develop their own strategies to find answers to math problems through activity-based investigations which promote creative thinking and problem-solving.


Taught by a dedicated science teacher, kindergartners start learning science through hands-on experiments, gathering detailed data, results and discussion, five days a week.


In order to learn history, scholars are involved with Project Based Learning which promotes deep, multidisciplinary study, one topic at a time.


The arts are not forgotten here with both visual art and art history taught. Sports, too, have their place at Success Academy.


Success Academy believes that doing is the core of learning, with teachers spending only 80 minutes a day “up front”, the remainder of the day is given over to scholars to actively do and think.

The US Money Reserve: Let’s Make A Reservation

When it comes to investing, investors desire a reputable product. Moreover, investors seek an investment that has the ability to make impressive returns. With that being said, numerous companies exist advertising such services. However, few of them possess the credentials necessary to gain an investor’s trust. However, this does not mean that every company does not offer reputable products.

Moreover, a minute amount of companies offer products that investors can have confidence in purchasing. With that being said, the US Money Reserve remains a prominent fixture in the investment industry. For years, the company has provided precious metals that led to countless investors becoming wealthy. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Moreover, the US Money Reserve offers a superior level of customer service. Also, their trained and dedicated staff remain available to address an investor’s concern. Moreover, the US Money Reserve remains the only company to acquire precious metals directly from the federal government.

As a result, this adds an extra layer of security to an investment. Some of the precious metals that the US Money Reserve offers include gold, silver, and platinum.

In addition, these precious metals remain a hot commodity in the industry. In particular, gold remains one of the most valued precious metals in the world. However, silver and platinum share comparable values. With such a vast catalog, it remains easy to see why the US money Reserve remains a profitable company.

Moreover, the company has recently updated its website. Therefore, prospective investors have the ability to view the company’s offerings before making a purchase. Furthermore, the new website boasts a more streamlined design that looks visually pleasing. Learn more about US Money Reserve:

Due to the company considering value a top concern, it has taken extra precautions to ensure that their customers would enjoy doing business with them. Moreover, the company boasts countless clients. In fact, most of the clients remain loyal to the Money Reserve. In addition, few companies boast the expertise that this company possesses.

Moreover, most companies do not have any sort of federal backing that makes them worthwhile. This remains attributed to the US Money Reserve’s strong relationship with the federal government. Moreover, the federal government considers the US Money Reserve as a premier business.

Aside from the new website, the company boasts a new coin gallery. Upon viewing this gallery, customers have the ability to see the benefits of owning such coinage. Since 2001, the US Money Reserve remains an industry leader.

Tips about life by Tammy Mazzocco

For the past 18 years, Tammy Mazzocco has rendered her services to the natives of Licking, Franklin, Fairfield and Delaware counties found in central Ohio. She works as a realtor, and she has recorded significant success over the years. She began her career with the most famous real estate firm in the state called the Edwards Realty Company. Just like other successful people, she began her career as a secretary and climbed the ladder as years went by. During her time as the secretary, she was managed and inspired by Mike Zelnik alongside other nine real estate agents. Mike taught her everything there is to know about the real estate business.

Later on, Mazzocco switched companies to become an agent with Scotland Yard Condominiums. This was back in the year 1995 when she managed to acquire her first license. Tammy Mazzocco was influenced by Ken Cook during her time with the firm. Later on, she quit Scotland Yard and took a position with T&R properties only to become a manager this time. During her professional life, Tammy Mazzocco has even worked as an assistant at a firm called RE/MAX. Tammy Mazzocco climax in the real estate business came when she decided to work with Judy Gang and Associates.

Tammy Mazzocco says that she loves her job as a real estate agent and describes it as her life. She recognizes the role that mentors have had in transforming her into the woman she is today. Despite being the successful woman she is today, Tammy Mazzocco admits that she finds herself thinking and worrying about the things that she cannot change. To succeed in this life, you must first trust in yourself before others can trust in you. This is the advice that Tammy Mazzocco gives the young people. She still believes in exercises and meditation. She describes herself as a lover of life. More details can be found on Ideamensch.


Jason Hope Readies The Internet Of Things

Consumer driven technology is what moves the marketplace and you can bet your bottom dollar that entrepreneur Jason Hope is aware of this fact.

Jason Hope is a philanthropist, a tech based entrepreneur, and a self described futurist. For the better part of the last several years he has been gearing himself up for what could be the next big trend in consumer technology. Only this time, this trend could lead to an evolution in the way that we live our day to day lives. Welcome to the Internet of Things.

The Internet of Things, at its most basic and bald definition, refers to the networking of every day items with the internet in order to create some form of automation. Consider a coffee pot that you could turn on with an app on your phone. Consider also a smart car that can drive you wherever you need to be after a night out on the town. These consumer based marketing concepts may seem silly at first glance but they understand what could be a shift in how we live our very lives.

Jason Hope has worked with some huge corporations and foundations in his career. He’s helped to fund or found 15 different companies and he’s raised hundreds of millions of dollars along the way. Hope believes that the Internet of Things is the next big trend. He believes that it is going to be the next step in social consumerism and one that every corporation or investor would be better served to start paying attention to.

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Use Your Stocks as Collateral

Are you seriously thinking about selling your stocks to raise capital for your business? It could help save your business during an economic downturn or it could provide extra working capital to expand upon your present business and read full article.

Banks will lend money on equities. If you talk to your financial institution about a loan on equities, they will tell you a few things first. Number one, they will lend only up to 40% of the value of the stocks. Second, there are certain stocks they can not use as collateral for a loan due to government regulations. Third, they will need a write-up describing what you are planning to do with the funds. Fourth, their loans on equities are at a very high interest rate. Fifth, it will take weeks before any funding on your loan can begin.

You may as well simply sell the equities. Funding is faster and you get more for your money. But wait!

Talk to Equities First UK about a loan using your stocks as collateral. They will lend up to 80% of the value of the stocks. That is twice the amount the banks will lend. They are a private company, so there are no restriction on which stocks can be used as collateral. They will not ask you the purpose of the loan. Their interest rate is one of the lowest in the business. The funding is right away, not weeks away and resume its.

Maybe you should just skip talking to your banker, and see Equities First UK to begin with. You will be glad you did.

Norman Pattiz: Giving Advertisement a New Meaning

Podcast borne advertisement is a novel idea in the world of advertising and promotion. There was no scale in place to gauge the effectiveness of the podcast advertisement, which kept the novel idea vague and uncertain.

To put to the test the efficacy of promotion of brands regarding the listeners of Podcast and to ascertain its impact, recently a research study was conducted by PodcastOne with the collaboration of Edison Research.

The results of this research study have shown very productive indicators of increasing efficacy of the advertisement through podcasts. The study has also found that there has been a huge difference between the pre and post campaign results regarding customers’ awareness and the popularity of the brands included in the study.

Some of the key findings of the comprehensive research studies can be summarized as following:

There has been a dramatic increase in podcast listeners’ knowledge of certain brands. As compared to a meager 7% before the advertisement campaign, more than 60% of the listeners were able to name the brands advertised during the campaign. Learn more about Norman Pattiz:

The campaign, as shown by the figures, increased the percentage of the audience getting a positive impact from podcast advertisement campaigns.

In addition, the study has shown that the campaign has a vivid effect on the customers’ awareness of different products in comparison to pre and post advertisement campaigns. The impact was such that 47% increase was seen in financial services products, 37% increase in automobile items, and 24% increase in lawn and garden items.

The podcastOne is an advertiser-supported network of the podcast. It was founded in 2013 by Norman Pattiz. The company is based in California, United States. The network has developed itself as a successful advertiser in a short span of time.

The network has more than 200 podcasts on its website related to famous individuals and other advertisements. Over the last three years, the PodcastOne has evolved into a successful experience with a large base of listeners. The network has had a great deal of impact on its listeners’ behavior regarding their choice of products.

According to PR Newswire, the PodcastOne was founded by Norman Pattiz, the genius entrepreneur who came up with the innovative idea to take advertisement to the next level. He is the executive chairman of the widely known network.

Before establishing PodcastOne, Norman Pattiz had founded a radio network, the Westwood One, in 1974. Norman Pattiz is a successful entrepreneur with a vast experience in radio and now podcast networks and their management. He has also served on the boards of various organizations.

Online Reputation News: Businesses and Social Media

In today’s world, if you do not have an online presence or utilize social media as a business, some consumers may never know of you–others may not respect your company or believe it is legitimate, regardless of what you have to offer. When you choose to work with an online reputation management firm or professional, you can ultimately ensure that your published content is well-received without the risk of backlash from the past.

Update Frequently and On a Schedule

A big mistake many companies make when going online to share their services and products is their inability to post consistently and on a schedule. The tone of your social media posts should often reflect your brand’s image and the customers you want to target. Create a social media and content-posting schedule to increase engagement on a multitude of available platforms.

Avoid Responding Immediately When You Receive Critical Comments or Reviews

When a business receives a critical response or negative review, some companies return the favor by lashing out or acting unprofessionally. says not only is this unprofessional and rude, but it is also showcased to the hundreds or thousands of followers you have, which may lead to a decrease in sales or brand loyalty altogether.

Admit Social Media Blunders When They are Made

Everyone makes mistakes once in a while. Whether it is a grammatical error or a link to a site that has been debunked, it is important to be upfront and honest with your followers. Honesty and integrity go a long way when building trust and regaining followers to help generate revenue and future success.

Work Together With an Online Reputation Management Firm

Having an online reputation management professional look at your company’s official website and social media pages is essential to gain insight into the overall tone, style, and voice you are using to share your business information with the public. An online reputation management firm is ideal for those who are seeking results but do not know where to begin in terms of formatting, headlines, and fact-checking, making the service useful and beneficial for companies of all sizes.