The Beneficiaries Of Dick DeVos’s Philanthropy

Dick DeVos has come out recently and opened the doors up to the public on just how much he and his wife have given to local Grand Rapids charities and other national non-profit groups. The DeVos’s have been known for their gifts and have been mentioned in business magazines as some of America’s most generous people and while it’s been known that they give millions each year, they’ve liked to keep total amounts under wraps. But when Betsy DeVos was selected to be the US Secretary of Education, both Dick and Betsy decided to make it known that they’ve given $139 million over the course of their careers.


Most of Dick and Betsy’s $139 million has been directed towards education reform. It began back in 1992 when they established the Dick & Betsy DeVos Foundation and the Education Freedom Fund. They were able to give many families scholarships to send their children to private schools, but the DeVos’s also wanted to help low-income families save even more money through a tax credit and voucher program. In the year 2000 they funded an initiative for tax credits that was placed on the general election ballot, but it was voted down on by most people. They did also start a charter school in 2010 known as the West Michigan Aviation Academy that has an advanced curriculum for preparing students for high-tech college courses. Other groups that have benefited from The DeVos’s philanthropy include hospitals and medical foundations, conservative heritage groups, museums and art competitions.


Dick DeVos has spent most of his career as an investor and manager of several Grand Rapids, MI and Holland-based companies. Dick and Betsy are the co-chairs of The Windquest Group, but prior to that he was the CEO of Amway Corporation, the company his father Richard DeVos cofounded back in 1959. Dick went from department manager to Vice President of general operations of Amway, and soon he began marketing the company’s products in several new countries. When he became CEO in 1993 he began opening even more offices and distribution centers overseas and increased Amway’s profits into the billions. In addition to Amway and founding the Windquest Group, Dick DeVos was briefly the president of the Orlando Magic.


Dick DeVos ran for public office several times such as 1990 when he won election to the Board of Education, and then 2006 when he ran for governor. He was beat in 2006 by incumbent Jennifer Granholm, but he continued working with political activist groups such as Heritage Foundation and Hudson Institute to fight for labor law reforms and free market laws. In 2012 DeVos and several grassroots groups helped pass a right-to-work law. Dick DeVos has also been on the Grand Action Committee since its inception in 1989.

The Philanthropic Activities of Betsy DeVos

Betsy DeVos has been one of the most active individuals in terms of giving to charitable causes. Her and her husband Dick DeVos were recently named the most giving couple in the United States. Together they have given hundreds of millions of dollars to various charitable causes. The main thing that DeVos has provided a lot of support for is education. Due to her background as an outspoken supporter of privatized education, she was named the Secretary of Education under President Trump’s administration. As well as being quite active in the educational sector, Betsy has also been involved in the arts as well as providing support for social justice and promoting traditional values. Her involvement in charitable activities has resulted in her making a considerable difference in her local community over the last couple of decades.

During her lifetime, Betsy DeVos has provided lots of support for the improvement of the educational system. DeVos has looked to privatize the system and make it a part of the free market economic system. Since she believes that the educational system is a monopoly, she believes that it can be much better if there was more competition for providing the best education available. As a result, she has stated that there should be things such as school vouchers and school choice. Betsy has been part of organizations such as the Alliance of School Choice. Over the years, she has looked to provide parents and students with the opportunity to attend the school of their choice. As well as providing people with a choice in school, DeVos has looked to give vouchers which are funding sources which allow students to attend private school. Betsy has given millions of dollars for this particular cause. Read more about their foundation at

Along with being quite active in education, Betsy DeVos has also been quite active in the arts. She has provided millions of dollars to the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. She and her husband Dick provide funding for educational programs which contribute to a manager’s professional development. Betsy has helped give managers the training they need which will help them raise funds more easily. As a result, the organization will likely be in position to attain the necessary funding for their various cultural programs and events.

Another charitable activity that Betsy has participated in is promoting traditional values. This organization looks to provide support for things such as education, community development, the arts, justice and leadership. The organization that promotes these things is the Dick & Betsy DeeVos Family Foundation. Each year, the DeVos’ provide over $11 million and have contributed $139 million for various charitable causes. With the Dick & Betsy DeVos Family Foundation, Betsy has helped promote things such as health research, funding for hospitals, Christian schools, and conservative organizations that support free market economics. During the course of the organization’s existence, it has provided annual contributions of $8.6 million fro Christian schools, $5.2 million to charter schools and $59,000 to various public schools. Betsy and her organization have donated to organizations such as the Grand Rapids Christian High School Association, Ada Christian School and Holland Christian Schools. Read her interview with Philanthropy Table.

Oncotarget Medical Journal

Oncotarget is a medical journal that widely covers oncology, A branch of medicine that deals with the analysis, treatment, and prevention of Cancer. The medical journal was established in 2010 and published by Impact Journals.

Andrei V.Gudkov and Mikhail Blagosklonny are the pioneer chief editors of the journal; the two editors are based at Rosewell Parks Cancer Institute. Oncortaget is significantly helpful because it offers resources like the scientific research and results. It helps people have a better understanding of how to handle and fight the disease. Oncortaget was ranked number one in 2015 among the oncology journals in the United States. Learn more about Oncotarget at

The Main aim of Oncotarget is to emerge an exceptional example in scientific researchers in oncology. On the same note but the different perspective one of the research papers that was published and developed as unique as a success of the journal called the impact of HuR impediment by the small molecule MS-444 on collateral cancer cell tumorigenesis.

Cancer is a deadly disease, and its branch collateral cancer is ranked third as the most common cancer that causes death. Oncotarget is a platform that allows people interact and give in their ideas and thus solutions are generated from there.

The research carried out showcases apparently those therapeutic findings targets HuR in CRC guarantees significant results. On the same token, Oncotarget medical journal plays a vital role in helping the people to understand oncology better. The cancer research paper provides more information on the treatment and prevention. live your life healthy. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

Equities First Financial Experts

Equities First Holdings is a major worldwide lender, and leader in share holding in financial solutions is focusing a lot on resorption in loans margins and loans based on stock in the current tight economic times where banks and other financial institutions have imposed strict borrowing rules. Equities lending’s popularity as an alternative is on the rise. This is because it allows borrowers who wish to have capital quickly or those who are not able to access loans that are based on convectional credit.

Even though there still exists other options for such individuals, in recent times, most banks have reduced their choices on lending to borrowers, increased interest rates, and stiffened loan eligibility. People who seek capital can alternatively borrow collateralized loans from the stocks. This is according to Al Christy, Jr., the Founder, and CEO of EFH. Loans that are based on stocks have a higher ratio value than margin loans and give a specific interest rate and hence give assured results throughout the transaction period.

Christy noted that during regular loan term of three years, the market might fluctuate; stock-based loans come in handy as the borrower lowers their investment risk to conform to the lower market. The stock-based loans sometimes allow the borrower to leave a stock loan at any given time even if there may be depreciation regarding value of the shares. This is because most stock-based loans have a non-recourse feature. This allows the borrower to retain the initial loan without having a duty to the lender.

What does Equities first specialize in?

Equities First Holdings, LLC is a financial company that was started in 2002, and it’s headquarters in Indianapolis, Indiana. The company gives lending services that are security-based for businesses and individuals. The firm first evaluates the risks involved and the future performances that are linked with the stocks, bonds, and treasuries.

Who stands to benefit from working with Equities First?

The borrowers who may be in a hurry to raise their capital and even those who are not eligible for the conventional credit based loans can really benefit from this arrangement and more information click here.

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Business Strategies with Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a successful entrepreneur and investor. He is currently a managing partner at Madison Partners LLC. The company is in charge of Bio-Tech creativities as well as real estate. Before joining Madison Partners, Becker was the CEO and chairman of Zinio LLC. Furthermore he also was the CEO of NaviSite, this is a company that provides Internet technology facilities. When he left Navisite he became a private investor in real estate and technology.

His good work in Madison Partners is as a result of his experience and effort in Zinio and Navisite. Moreover his skills in the industry kept increasing for the better good. Becker is also involved in new stage biotech companies. His long-time experience in the industry has helped him see the financial opportunities that can be put to work.

Arthur Becker is working on his plan to construct a home in Tribeca; he is also finishing the town estates in New York, Suvillivan. Becker believes in teamwork when it comes to the success of a company, it helps the company develop because teamwork also involves devotion and respect.

Apart from his business, Becker has always been interested in the world of biotech and its involvement in cancer therapy. A good business needs critical thinking to keep developing; hence this also entices Arthur Becker to bring it together with his work as well as his staff. He has worked together with the employees of the company for the accomplishment of the firm. Furthermore, Becker also helps young entrepreneurs in growing their businesses. To read more, click

Why has Arthur Becker become successful? He has always adhered to his skills and having all the content of the business, paying attention to the market environment and last but not least he has been firm on what he does. As a result, Madison Partner LLC has always been a success due to the expertise used in the business. Therefore, skills and having enough knowledge results to success. The important lesson that young businessmen should take from Arthur Becker is exploring what they are good in to make an accomplishment in their enterprises.

How Igor Cornelsen Assists Investors to be successful in Brazil

The investment sector in Brazil has several varying factors. Individuals who would like to capitalize in the industry are required to be well informed for them to make profits on The most profitable industries in the country are agriculture, infrastructure, and finance. Brazil is one of the biggest nations, and therefore, it has enough land for farming undertakings and infrastructure development opportunities. Igor Cornelsen is one of the experienced investment banking professionals in the country. He believes that there are three primary guidelines that people should follow for them to successful in their ventures in Brazil. The country is considered as one of the fastest rising economies.

The first strategy that Mr. Cornelsen believes in is the development of excellent networks and relationships with people. These factors significantly influence finance, business, and culture. It is not hard for investors to reach people since about 25 percent of the adults in the country are entrepreneurs. The second factor that people should consider is following Brazil’s business regulations. Matters of concern in the country include high taxes, market inflexibility, licensing, and many others. Investors who avoid having problems with the authorities can be highly successful on The last tip that Igor gives is that businesspeople should understand foreign currencies restrictions in Brazil. They should have sufficient information on the laws that regulates the exchange of foreign currencies and organizations that are authorized to be involved in the business. Investors should also be updated on the exchange rates.

Igor Cornelsen currently offers his investment guidance at Bainbridge Group. His proficiency is in foreign currency, commodities, and the stock market. He has gained experience and knowledge in the investment industry, and this has enabled him to have an excellent reputation. Cornelsen has held administrative roles in top Brazilian banks and has played an important part in the growth of the country’s economy at

The investment banking professional is currently based in South Florida. The area has some of the world’s leading golf courses, and he spends most of his free time playing golf. Igor has retired, and he currently works as a consultant. He uses his experience to guide people.

Securus Technology Unveils New Technology

On Feb 6, 2017, Securus Technologies announced the activation of another implementation of its Wireless Containment Solution. Their intention is to prevent contraband cell phones and wireless devices in prison from reaching the commercial network. The technology not only prevents access to the commercial network but also provides data about the cellular phone in use, which is vital in helping investigators lay hands on the perpetrators. Richard “Rick” Smith, the chief executive officer and chairman of Securus Technologies said that they praise the states for ensuring the safety of people by preventing unauthorized communication.


He added that states are implementing the Wireless Containment Solutions and their teams are working to provide the best solutions to help correctional facilities reduce illegal contact between inmates and free people. Other providers tried many other ways to solve the problem, but they did not have the expertise and the technology to make it work. They managed to identify cell phone signals but then did not have a way of preventing communication. The Wireless Containment Solution from Securus Technologies prevents the calls from reaching the network and in the process helps keep safe family, friends, victims, witnesses, officers and even inmates themselves. Smith said that the features of the new technology could be altered to fit the policies of any correctional agency.


Securus Technologies, Inc is a leading provider of criminal and civil justice technology solutions to ensure public safety and provide correctional facilities with modern technology solutions. The company is based in Dallas, Texas and serves more than 3450 law enforcement, public safety, and correctional agencies. It provides its services to more than a million inmates in North America. Securus is doing well because it has a team of engineers, designers, technologists and thinkers whose primary purpose is to provide the best affordable technology solutions for correctional centers.


Some of the services that Securus Technologies provides include; inmate self-service, communication, verification, monitoring, emergency response, incident management and public information. The company has succeeded in connecting many people. Family and friends can comfortably communicate with the incarcerated and officers can gain critical information about what’s happening in the correctional facilities using technology from Securus. Securus Technologies has one office in Atlanta, Georgia, and four regional offices in Dallas metro area. It is highly regarded because of its simple, innovative tech solutions and the efficient customer service they offer their customers. Securus Technologies is vital for all the law enforcement and corrections centers in the U.S.


It Does Matter What Others Think After All

While people often say that it is not good to care what others think about them, the unfortunate fact is that it does matter what others think when it comes to business. This is especially true in the online world, reveals For one thing, people express their thoughts about a person or a business when they post it online. As a result, search results may be filled with some opinions about the company. For this reason, it is important for the person to take the time to manage his reputation so that he can present a trustworthy image to his customers.

One thing that is very important when it comes to online reputation management is battling negativity. When someone tries to bring negativity to his target, then it is up to this person to take care of the issue in a quick and positive way. One of the things that people look at with a company or an individual is how they handle negativity. If the person being attacked loses control, then he is going to lose the trust of his customers as well. Customer trust is very important to the company or the individual. They will not trust someone who does not seem in control of his own actions and responses.

Fortunately, there are plenty of things that one could do in order to keep from losing control. One thing that he could do is to take some time off when he is hit with some really bad news or a bad report. One thing he does not want to do is lash out and attack right away. It is better to take the time to let it sink in and then find a way to come up with a solution that is good for everyone. The best thing to do is to gain the respect of as many people as possible.